NUT demands employment of more teachers

THE Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Anambra State Wing has demanded for regular recruitment and promotion of teachers in both  primary and secondary school system.

 State Secretary of the union, Comrade Livinus Eta Omini, who made the call in an interview, pointed out that teachers keep retiring on monthly basis in accordance with their years of service, leading to high dearth of teachers in the state.

  According to Omini, “the national policy in education also provided other cogent reasons for regular teacher’s recruitment which includes optimum performance and evaluation of students and pupils.

He also reiterated the need for the state government to always carry the union and other stakeholders along in the next teacher’s recruitment exercise which the union also wants to be on merit.

  Omini maintained that the1000 teachers recently recruited by the state government would not be enough to service the public schools across 21 LGAs.

 “Generally, Anambra State is facing a high dearth of teachers due to the fact that teachers keep retiring and there are no enough teachers employed to replace them.

  “Teachers should be employed in ratio of available subject areas and number of teachers retiring. In some schools today, you will see a teacher teaching more than number of students as required by national policy on education.

  “There should also be regular promotion of teachers. It is a statutory provision meant to be an annual exercise. Regular promotion enables teachers to improve on their productivity.

But the problem we have in this country, including Anambra Sate is that promotion is done in arrears. And when it happens in arrears,, the financial implications are not fulfilled in arrears as required. All these affect the education sector.

  “We also know that the annual budgetary allocation for education is usually low compared to international best practices. This thing affects our education sector. If we must get it right in all sectors, we must first improve the education sector. It is the engine block. Primary and secondary schools education should be given a priority.

  “The school infrastructure should also be looked into, to encourage effective teaching and learning,” he submitted.

  He also blamed the on-going debate on national minimum wage on lack of political wills by some politicians, as according to him, it was a statutory provision ought to be adhered to by all stakeholders but reverse is the case in the country.