Clerics foresee year of fire, flood, socio-economic challenges

… Urge prayers, good life NEW years come with expectations. Some people engage in resolutions which deal with personal issues to guard them throughout the year. Prophecies come, some shocking and unbelievable,... Read more »

Stop early, forced marriage – Group urges Anambra community

EXECUTIVE Director, Women Information Network (WINET), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Miriam Menkiti, has urged the people of Ebenebe in Awka North LGA to work towards putting an end to child and forced... Read more »

High bride price: Threat to marital stability

MARRIAGE as a union of man and woman is the oldest institution established by God for the purpose of companionship and procreation. For any marriage to be legalised either customarily or religiously,... Read more »

Great scientist Marie Curie, still outstanding, century after

Today marks a posthumous birthday of Marie Curie, a trailblazer in the sciences who ended up winning the Nobel Prize. A foremost woman scientist and one of the world’s most famous scientists... Read more »

Day ANSPOLY’s quest for the moon began

By Mathew Onwuasoanya and Ukpa Ewa Read more »
Sacred Animals in Nigeria

Much ado about sacred animals

Chizoba Njaka     “WHAT am I seeing? A python (Eke) in my kitchen? This is a good omen! Who am I to have such visitor in my house this morning? I... Read more »

Anambra primes for another media summit

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