Economic and institutional restructuring for next Nigeria II

NIGERIA urgently needs a new Fiscal Responsibility Act to constrain irresponsible fiscal behaviour and provide incentives to create wealth. A new fiscal regime should ensure that never again shall we need a... Read more »

Economic and institutional restructuring for next Nigeria

INTRODUCTION/DISCLAIMER Happy Independence Day Celebration!!! Many thanks to Pastor Poju and the organizers of The Platform for the invitation. Let us start with a disclaimer. We accepted the invitation on 17th May,... Read more »

The Cobra Effect

I GOT this intriguing piece from a friend, and I have been pondering what I read for over one month now. Hope you know about a term named Cobra Effect? If not,... Read more »

At 63, Obiano glows in service

By James Eze IF life is measured by impact, then, Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State who turns 63 today should sincerely be counted among Nigerians who have made worthy efforts to... Read more »
Lagos Traffic

Lagos logjam: Time to use eastern ports

By Chuka Nnabuife   TALK about the ardour of daily road trafic and most Nigerians would tell you that Lagos is it’s main theatre. You need to experience it to know it... Read more »