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Reviewing  Buhari’s presidency’s achievements



ON MAY 29, , 2023, Nigeria will record another significant milestone as Ahmed Bola Tinubu  will be sworn-in as the country’s new president.

  Buhari, a retired general, who was once a military Head of State came into power as a civil rule president on May 29, 2015. In 2019, he was elected for a second tenure which will end in four days time on May 29.

 REVIEWING  the highpoints of Buhari’s achievements in the eight years in the saddle of power amid the plethora of controversies that dogged it will be an uphill task but apt. Government being a continuum,  it is pertinent that the incoming president will have defined bastions to  take off  from where he stopped in the overall development of the country either by completing the ongoing projects along with his personal development blueprint and election campaign promises or by chatting fresh directions.

  BUHARI will be remembered for recognising the primary importance of critical infrastructures which drive sustainable socio-economic growth and development in concrete terms. His ascension to  power was characterised by dwindling revenue generation, especially in the oil sector which is the major revenue source.

  CONSEQUENTLY, his government found it expedient to seek foreign loans to execute the critical capital projects, namely; railways, roads, energy which drives manufacturing, industrialisation and small scale businesses. The primacy given to railway infrastructure stems from the belief that haulage through  trains carry heavy weights and  saves  the roads to have long life span.

  GIVEN the criticality of the energy sector and need to  resolve the power sector quagmire, Buhari took a look at the age-long agitation for devolution of some powers and shifted the power sector to the concurrent legislative list which will enable states to venture into railway projects ostensibly to enhance the rural economy, create employment and wealth.

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  BUHARI in his avowed interest on critical infrastructures gave what could be said to be a sense of belonging to the people of the South East by giving life to the unfulfilled  promises of former presidents to build a second bridge   across the River Niger. He built and  commissioned the Second Niger Bridge, now named the Muhammed Buhari Bridge on Tuesday, six days to   his exit from office.

  IN THE energy sector being one of the core areas he removed from  the exclusive legislative list to the concurrent legislative list, Buhari facilitated the completion of the private sector driven Dangote-owned  refinery which he commissioned on Monday, in Lagos. It is  expected to start producing petroleum products from the end of July .

  BUHARI’S administration will be remembered for encouragement of  agriculture and small scale businesses through the CBN’s Anchor Borrowers Program and the Tradamoni program . The loans jumpstarted agricultural commerce and  production  and the value chains, even as they brought back  rice pyramids  at Abuja to demonstrate the quantum production of the stable food.

  BUHARI also took steps to unbundle the NNPC through facilitating the legislative processes that led to the signing of the long awaited  Petroleum Industry Law which he signed  into law; the bill had been subjected to controversies in the national legislature for over two decades. 

GOING by the perennial crises in the election succession projects, Buhari thought it necessary to take a realistic perception of the need for modern technology in the election process. After much prevarication however, he signed the new Electoral Law (Electoral Law 2022) which has the potentiality to reduce to the minimum the after election altercations, though the outcome of the February  25 presidential poll was marred by irregularities. .

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  IN THE area of financial prudence, Buhari reduced the glamour and glitz in the office of the wife of the presidency. He would be remembered for a joke that the critical role of the wife of the president is the “other room”.  His administration had prepared for a census and house population in 2023  but the timing was not favourable and the project had to be executed by the incoming administration. 

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