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$800 loan for petroleum subsidy removal palliatives, needles



$800million (N596billions) loan for supposed post petroleum subsidy palliatives for 50million Nigerians has shockingly been secured few weeks before the exit of Buhari administration.

Of course, as usual, with the COVID-19 palliative loan, the bulk of the money will be channeled to the northern part of the country going by the age-long deception that the population of the north is far greater than the southern part of the country.

Needles to argue why the $800 loan ought not to have been secured before the announcement because whenever President Buhari is hell-bent on doing something no matter what preponderant majority of Nigerians object to it, he would go on to carry out the decision.

Otherwise, the global standard is that loans are sought for to establish viable industries which in a short time will complete the loan repayment through the profit made in the sale of the products and services. Unfortunately you dare not advice Buhari administration on that sensible path.

The question is: Why should a great chunk of the loan disbursement be channeled to the north? In terms of population, how did the previous governments arrive at the conclusion that the north is more populous than the south?

This is where the gimmicks of not including tribe and religion in the census form so as to sustain the bogus claims that the Hausa-Fulani tribes are more populous than all the ethnic groups in the south. Sadly, the ‘mumus’ in the southern part of the country have all along timidly succumbed to the serial gimmicks of the “Northern political emirates establishment” who formed the habit of issuing threats whenever the elites in the southern part of the country said that tribe and religion should be included in the census forms as obtained in civilised countries of the world.

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Of course, their threats even in other sensitive national issues always carried the day in other to supposedly maintain peace and unity in the country or as the saying goes; “to let the sleeping dog lie” or “not to heat up the polity”.

Nigerians apparently have very short memory otherwise people should say that the past so called palliatives never scratched “multi-dimensional poverty” as the grinding poverty and penury have been increasing in leaps and bounds since Buhari administration from 2015. Who is fooling who in the already ‘finished’ country?

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