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World Malaria Day: Health Commissioner urges clean environment, use of mosquito nets



By Chikaodi Chukwuleta

ANAMBRA State joined other states and countries of the world to mark this year’s World Malaria Day;  a yearly event that takes place every 25th of April . It is an international recognised event that highlights efforts to control malaria celebrates the gains that have made.

In his speech on this year World Malaria Day, with  theme ‘Time to Deliver Zero Malaria, Innovate and Implement’, Anambra  State Commissioner for Health, Ben Adam Obidike, noted that since the year 2000, the world has made historic progress against malaria ,saving millions of lives, while millions of people worldwide are still at the risk, especially children.

He added that malaria continues to be a major public health burden. He commended the efforts of Governor Charles Soludo and wife, NonyeSoludo, for last year’s  flag off of distribution of over 3.8million insecticide treated nets to households in Anambra State.

According to him, the distribution has impacted positively and increased net usage in Anambra from 27%t to 57% in the last one year, which is the above the above natural average.

He said that there is approval of broad use of malaria vaccine this year for young children by Nigeria government that has proved evidence and experience from the clinical test, which shows that it’s safe, feasible to deliver and reduces deadly severe malaria between the children of 5 months – 36months of age, which Anambra will be the among the first to use it.

“The state government has reduced the cost of treatment in all health centers making it possible for people to access the care for treatment of malaria,” he concluded.

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The commissioner advised citizens to always maintain a clean, healthy environment, avoid self-medication, cut down grass within their surroundings, ensure they go to hospitals for proper diagnosis and test for malaria fever when symptoms persist and continue to sleep under mosquito treated nets distributed by the state government.

He presented a data of 20 – 30% of those that have diagnosed malaria from March last year to this year.

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