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Non-potable water exposes 78m Nigerian children to cholera – UNICEF



Nigerians hustling for water amid persistent scarcity

THE United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) has alerted that 78 million children in Nigeria face the highest risks from diseases related to inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) resulting from lack of potable.

The figure is also being fueled by climate hazards.

UNICEF raised the alarm through its Nigeria Chief of WASH, Jane Bevan, a medical doctor, preparatory to the UN 2023 Water Conference holding at the United Nations headquarters in New York between March 22 and 24.

Speaking in a statement issued today, Bevan urged government to take urgent action to address its water crisis.

“In Nigeria, one-third of children do not have access to, at least, basic water at home, and two-thirds do not have basic sanitation services. Hand hygiene is also limited, with three-quarters of children unable to wash their hands due to a lack of water and soap at home.As a result, Nigeria is one of the 10 countries that carry the heaviest burden of child deaths from diseases caused by inadequate WASH, such as diarrhea diseases,” she said.

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