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Still puzzling, Soludo’s simple dress code



IT IS of interest to recall the inaugural speech of governor Chukwuma Soludo,  highlighting his interest and promotion of locally made products. His words: “My Akwete dress is not just a dress; it’s a statement.

You know, in the entire Southeast, this is the only textile product alive, and it’s handmade by the women of Akwaete in Abia State.  

The dresses I will wear are those made in our place here. We must protect the things that are made in our place.”

  Gov. Soludo has become the true ambassador of locally made products like the  Akwete, the use of lnnoson Motors as official car, the stylish Aba made shoes, among others.

  It is said that a man’s personality is defined by his mode of dressing and the Professor of Economics has displayed a unique sense of fashion.

  The Akwete can be regarded as his special code of dressing which depicts patriotism and appreciation of local contents. Unarguably, Sóludo has changed the narrative by making the fabric, Akwaete his official diplomatic dress code.

  Beyond Akwete, Soludo also model other brands and commodities produced in Anambra in all industries and categories.

  His decision to use Innoson vehicle as his official car or enforce that the only drinks that will be taken in Government House or at government functions will be beers produced in Anambra or the organic palm wine from Awa/Awgbu axis.

  He doesn’t wear shoes that are not made in Anambra or Nigeria. Soludo is aware that most of these products may not be the best in their classes globally but he believes thathis patronage will help upscale their quality standards and make them competitive beyond our shores.

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  It’s of interest to also take cognizance of the sporty attire by the governor. If not for the protocol  and security officials, one may  mistake him for any other athlete in sight.

Youthful, articulate and of high IQ, Gov Sóludo could be likened to the orator and political activist, Sir Chuba Okadigbo.

His dressing in  jeans, crowned with a T- Shirt plus a canvas to suit spells a confidence and interest in the sports and fitness industry. No wonder the improvement in the sports development in Anambra State under his administration.

  Ever noticed the elephant tusk always held by the governor even when he is casually dressed on jeans, T-shirt, face cap and canvass? Just as the elephant is regarded as the strongest animal in the forest, the tusk is a symbol of supernatural strength and power. 

Gov Sóludo holding the tusks shows the strength of a leader with capacity and integrity.

  However, the governor by repeatedly adorning his red and white Akwete cloths with canvass and at times go with ordinary T-shirt, jeans, face cap and canvass, still holding the elephant tusk to occasions and government functions shows he doesn’t show off but goes with what he feels comfortable with while maintaining his social status with class.

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