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Soludo’s has declared emergency on education – Chuma-Udeh



Chuma - Udeh

“AS I always say to everyone who cares to listen, the governor hit the ground running in education just as he declared emergency on roads and hospitals, he also declared an emergency on education, where he set out to eradicate the era of schools without teachers.  To this end, he engaged in a very gigantic capital development where he employed at a go 5000 teachers, and this employment eradicated that dearth of teachers in our schools”.

   “For the first time in Nigeria, people got jobs because they merited it. Even the governor himself insisted on merit as the criteria for the teachers’ recruitment…

“More so, this is the first time we are having this magnitude of employment. We all know that most administrations abandon recruitment of staff until they are about to exit, and then the burden will be on the incoming government, but our governor employed 5000 teachers immediately he took over the realm of leadership of Anambra State.

“Then, he did not stop there; he went on to the continuous training of these teachers he employed. It is not just about employing the teachers; he took care of their remunerations. The teachers actually started work on January, but he paid them for December, even though they did not work for that month…

“The governor is very much interested in the welfare of not just the teachers, but also that of the students as well.  To this end, we have what we call the ‘Anambra Solution Education Platform’, here; we have been able to take care of every details of every child in Anambra, in this, we have what we call the particular number given to every child.

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“This platform is holistic in nature; it gives you every information about everything happening in the education sector: the transfer of teachers, the performances of students, the exams taken, the school itself, infrastructure, in fact, if you log into that platform, you see all the schools in Anambra State, enrolment, extent of enrolment. .

  “Then, coming to infrastructure, the governor is of the opinion that a child should study in a very conducive environment. To this end, he is moving like a wild fire, reconstructing schools, building new schools, taking over schools too. For instance, we just took over a school from Umuji Ebenebe.

  “When children are given conducive environment for learning, they progress and their progress is measured and it is visible too. Schools from Anambra attracted laurels recently, teachers and students alike. On the part of the teachers, Anambra teachers won in 2022 President’s Teachers and Schools Excellence Award, where five teachers picked five out of the 15 awards. The best teacher in Nigeria is from Anambra State, the best secondary school is in Anambra State, the best science teacher is in Anambra State. So we got five presidential awards that came with two vehicles and other gifts given to these teachers…

  “The governor also inherited a tradition of scholarship, which he enlarged this scholarship scheme to include children who want to go to school but are from homes that are indigent, especially from the riverine areas, who are affected by the flood and those who are affected by insecurity…

  “He also has an initiative for out-of-school children. So many out of school children who are picked up by the Commissioner for Ministry of Women and Social Welfare are brought to us and we fix them in schools.

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  “The Anambra Solution Debate Team from Anambra State will be representing Nigeria in Malaysia in the World’s Students Debate for this year…

   “The governor also re-introduced history into the secondary schools in Anambra… He is also interested in raising digital children, useful at home and exportable abroad. To him, technology is the in thing and technology is the basis of every child skilled education. He is intending to give every child multiple skills.

  Then, we are moving an initiative to establish what we call the ‘Accents Language Academy’. This is because the governor is interested in raising international citizens. This language academy will help teach languages, but the first language that this academy will take care of is Igbo language…”  

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