Soludo brings solution that’ll make Anambra greater tomorrow



Over 265 kilometres of roads in all the 21 local government areas of Anambra State are being worked on currently.

  5,000 teachers have recently been recruited to fill tutorial manpower shortage in basic education sector.

They have already resumed work at their duty posts in schools located in all the communities of the state.  Similarly, more than 350 medics and paramedics were also hired to tweak healthcare delivery.

This is the story of Anambra State in the last one year in which Gov. Chukwuma Charles Soludo has been on the saddle.

  EVEN if cynicism blights anyone into dismissing these bold and radical  interventions as traditional ‘white collar’ preface or first-time histrionics, they are no mean feats.

Without doubt,  Soludo has brought his  creative disruption boldly into the governance of Anambra State.

He is   firing on all cylinders for all-round solution to Anambra problems.

  SETTING out with new tone for a healthy environment within his first- day-at-work mission to the dumpsites and shanties of Okpoko and environs in Ogbaru,  Onitsha North and South and Idemili North  Local Government Areas, where mountains of garbage posing existential threats to  inhabitants and the state in general have led to  ghetto communities with little or nothing to offer the general economy. 

Prof Soludo also went ahead to spur interest in  hitherto ignored  local content by prioritising Made-in-Anambra goods and services, from automobiles to cuisines, local contractors ahead of their competitors, as well as promotion of indigenous dresses, the  Akwete culture for instance. 

Indeed, it is the  out-of-box  style of  governance of  Gov. Chukwuma Soludo  that needs to be understood.

  YET, even if obsession with logic of numeric is unnecessary, there’s a stronger metric that measures what is happening in Anambra presently.

This is what  development experts in the world that are  already taking notes describe as solutions that will make tomorrow richer in the state .

In just one year of signing up to transforming Anambra State into a livable and prosperous homeland, Soludo has made heavy impact in infrastructure, culture and social mentality.

  ANAMBRA stands to gain in medium and long term from his smart solutions for today’s tomorrow.

Yes, it is good news that work is progressing in almost all the  communities where one or two roads are being built or rebuilt but there’s more economics in where their multiplier effect will hoist transport infrastructure in the state in five, 10 and 20 years’ time .

The governor knows this, hence his  uncompromising zeal to ensure  that the projects deliver durable, standard roads with at least 20-year lifespan.

  BUT this scratches mere surface when interfaced with long term fruits that Soludo’s solution may yield to ndi Anambra  in other parameters of social service such as healthcare and basic education, as well as  other work-in-progress sectors.

GIVEN his  zero margin of tolerance for godfather recommendation and sponsors in appointments,  he has made  merit a sole password to accessing  jobs he created in the sectors which were yawning for new push, contrary to precedents in public sector recruitments not long ago.

With this,  the governor  is delivering on his inauguration recommendation of value reorientation as crucial compass to having Anambra that every onye Anambra will be proud to identify with.

Hence, the governor has reconfigured the state for a value-added tomorrow where political correctness and vested interest will give way for necessity or vacancy – as religiously followed in civil or public service hiring so far – and productive capacity while bringing to front burner the finesse of saying definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when either is necessary rather than tongue-in-cheek flip talking of run-of-the-mill occupational politicians.

  NO DOUBT, this, like the One Youth Two Skills initiative, shows genuine commitment to human capital development in a deliberate but meticulous devotion to recruiting and equipping youths for leadership roles in line with the governor’s illuminating antecedent as a renowned teacher.

Another special attribute of the  the governor is his high  work ethics and very visible  intensity at work. 

Soludo gives  all his time to his duties. The  last one year has shown a governor  with febrile zeal ; a workaholic such that   those genetically specialised in fault-finding may not have noticed that he  has not taken any break since his swearing-in.

What else better shows a leader in a hurry to etch his imprints in sands of time?

  THIS is why ndi Anambra should answer the governor’s clarion as the state’s Journey of the Maggi enters second curve of its first four-year term by taking up the gauntlet and getting down to work if only to reciprocate his noble gestures   and encourage him  to continue training his eyes on the prize despite distractions that surely do  come.

There is no better take-off point for this second leg of a relay race, likely  to take eight years than coming out en masse to vote in tomorrow’s legislative house election, and doing so by going for candidates who will key into  current zeitgeist, not renegades just vying to prove needless points.

They are same that stampeded Anambra to tipping point not long ago. Ndi Anambra should not forget so quickly.

  NATIONAL Light also calls on the people to rally round the governor, perhaps as the greatest present for him on an evocative day as today, to see what each person can henceforth begin to do at different levels, including interpersonal interactions, to contribute the people’s quota in detoxifying Anambra of incendiary activities and uninformed agitations camouflaging mercantilist banditry,  among others.

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