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Reactions as school sends out pupil over alleged political involvement



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AN UNIDENTIFIED parent has cried out after her 10 year old daughter named, Marvelous Barinaadaa, was sent out from Odomola Secondary School in Lagos, by the Principal.

She explained that Marvelous, aged 10, was sent out because she used Peter Obi’s poster to wrap her note book.

“And this girl is just ten years old, she didn’t know anything about politics, but she was sent away from school without informing the parents, because they say we support Peter Obi and Labour Party.

Please, Is this act by the school principal good? “She asked.

The parent called on the Lagos State Governor and human rights advocates to intercede on behalf of her daughter.

This erupted several reactions from the general public who expressed their dismay over the actions of the school authority.

According to Dekojo Rhodes- Vivour,” this is not a case to settle quietly. Who knows what intimidation other kids are being subjected to by the school? There must be consequence to this act.”

Martin David Ukaba said, “others should pull their wards from the school. Teaching children tribalism is so evil!”

Meanwhile, a twitter user, Omosehin lsaac Powei in his Twitter handle, expressed optimism over the matter. According to her, “she went to the school to confirm the incident and claimed the matter has been settled this afternoon.”  

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