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Nigeria ranked 8th terrorism, globally



Blames B’Haram, ISWAP, IPoB

NIGERIA moved to 8th position in global terrorism, moving down two steps from its place in 2022 to show that the nation’s ranking has improved.

  A report issued yesterday by Global Terrorism Index (GTI) for 2023 said the new standing shows a continuous decline in the number of deaths from terrorism.

  Explaining the latest assessment which has Nigeria moving down the ladder of nations most impacted by terrorists, as a reflection of the general trend in Sub-Saharan region with Ethiopia as the most improved country in 2022, the report said

  Al-Shabaab was responsible for two attacks in Ethiopia in 2022 that recorded no deaths.

According to the report, Nigeria recorded the largest decrease in the number deaths from terrorism in the region in 2022 but deaths fell by almost a quarter, from 497 in 2021 to 385 in 2022, and are now at their lowest level in Nigeria since 2011.

This fall in deaths was driven by a marked decrease in deaths attributed to ISWAP and Boko Haram though IPoB elements continued fomenting terror in South East geopolitical zone.

  “Previously, northeastern Nigeria along with Chad, Cameroon and Niger was the epicentre of terrorist activity, with ISWAP and Boko Haram responsible for most of this. “Since 2020, deaths from terrorism have declined in Nigeria’s Borno State and the neighbouring areas of Chad, Niger and Cameroon though IPoB elements have continued terrorising South East region. Groups like IS and JNIM are also seeking safe havens and new theatres of operations. Many of these new areas are demographically, economically and ecologically similar to regions in Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and elsewhere, from which jihadi groups initially emerged over a decade ago,” the report reads in part.

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