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Saturday’s elections: Fear not, go out and vote



WITH just two days to the presidential and National Assembly elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is already putting finishing touches to its preparations to deliver on its mandate in accordance with global best practices.

  SECURITY agencies, including the police, Army, Immigration, Civil Defence, among others  are equally warming up on the sidelines to ensure a secured general elections, while governments at both federal, states and local government  levels, as well as all stakeholders are test-running logistics and mobilising everything needed to ensure they are not found wanting on the election day.

  HOWEVER, it appears the masses are developing cold feet to go out on Saturday to  perform their civic duties. This is attributable to a flurry of  violent street  protests in some urban areas  following the short supply of the redesigned  naira and fuel scarcity nationwide, coupled with pockets of killings, shootings, destruction of police stations and INEC offices in recent time, particularly in the South East.

THERE are also several scare-mongering postings on social media, urging  ‘No Election ‘ and touting fake   sit-at-home orders being championed by some separatists groups, who characteristically  threaten to deal decisively with anyone that dares disobey their orders.

EVEN those who appear not worried by the developments  are being urged by some of their cowered friends and associates  to  jettison the idea of going to vote and stay safe to avoid being exposed to danger. 

  A LOT of people believe they may  fall victim of political thugs championing the course of some desperate candidates or the no election or sit-at-home enforcers if they go out to vote.

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IT THEREFORE becomes necessary that the electorates, particularly ordinary Nigerians are reminded that nothing should deter them from participating in this very  important elections.

  THIS is because apart from voting in elections being a civic responsibility, it is necessary that the common man, who has been the biggest loser and worse-hit victim of the flaws in  Nigeria, understands the odds stacked against him in the 2023 elections and do his utmost to  thwart the ploys of deceptive politicians and fear mongers. Most importantly, he should be conversant with the antics of the  self acclaimed separatist leaders who stay in the comfort of their abroad homes to give orders that jeopardise the lives and businesses of the masses in Nigeria by sponsoring killings and  violence, including circulating gory  videos, audio and written messages to instill fear into the minds of  their undiscerning followers and others.

IT IS obvious that they are only trying to cease the opportunity to have their way or secure a chance to be ‘settled’ materially  as have been witnessed in past elections.

  THE masses should therefore realise that not going  out en masse to vote on Saturday, will only spell doom to the nation and on the long run, make life more difficult for the common man. National Light believes that no matter the excuse, not going  to vote is folly.

IT IS the  same people who are championing ‘no elections’ and ordering sit at home or instilling fear into the people to ensure they won’t participate in taking decisions of who governs them that will come out to chant marginalisation and criticise the government in power.

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IT ID our belief that the best the ordinary Nigerians can do for themselves is to go and vote candidates of their choice in total disregard to mudslinging and politically motivated violence.

  FOR those in the South East, where separatist murderers have intensified their killings and violent attacks against security agencies and INEC offices, like they did  in Anambra State, where  Ogidi Police Area Command and 33 Police Station were attacked within 24 hours over the weekend,  they have to know that they must be brave and wise enough not to  fall to the machinations of the detractors.

IF THEY allow themselves to be cowed by the developments and  the sensationalised  threats from the self-acclaimed foreign based leaders claiming to be freedom fighters, the entire zone will be  out of the political benefits of  for the 2023 general elections.

THE realities of politics and dividends of democracy are so harsh that most times, the cold numbers generated during elections influence the developments of areas after the polls.

THE South-East’s experience in the aftermath of recent general elections should make the region wiser this time.

SO ,WHEN the rest of the country will be turning in huge number of votes for their preferred candidates, the zone should not turn in a meagre percentage of votes, after which they would blame the other zones  for rigging the election against their preferred candidates and the separatist leaders would  capitalise on that to sustain their terror-marked  spread of the marginalisation gospel all over again –  killing themselves, destroying properties and locking down business activities in the name of sit-at-home.

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   WE CALL on the electorates to utilise Saturday’s opportunity to determine their fate and ensure a more rewarding Nigeria is achieved.

GOING out to vote  is a demonstration of determination to rescue Nigeria from the dungeon of decay and place it firmly on the trajectory of prosperity, progress, and greatness.

THIS is an opportunity to make changes and the masses shouldn’t bungle all the efforts they have made over the past years  because of flimsy excuses of vain threats and politically motivated killings, among other things.

IT’S TIME for all eligible voters to determine to go  out and vote according to their conscience, bearing in mind that not voting is an instrument for rigging. No matter what you see, don’t be deterred. Your vote is your power.

A WORD is enough for the wise.

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