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Ilonzo recieves Inner Wheel Club members



YOUR health is paramount to your well-being. We live in a generation where we take our health for granted. The business of health and well-being is key to soundness and longevity.

The Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA),  Flora Ilonzo stated this when the Inner Wheel Club paid her a courtesy call, which also serves a health expository at the CPHA headquartes, Awka.

Chief Ilonzo tasked them to take utmost importance to what they consume, noting that our forebears lived long primarily because of what they eat. “Food is not just to fill the stomach. There are things to eat at every age. Every plant created by God has its signature.”

“The signature of any plant will tell you any part of the human body that it relates to and deals with.

“It will help your wellbeing if you read the meaning of the signature of plants. Many people will continue to have illness plague them for not factoring in the importance of the nature of what they consume.”

“Don’t wait until you have a health issue before taking your health seriously. Health is important to everything. You have to be healthy to enjoy the good life,” she said.

National President, Inner Wheel Club, Nigeria, Prof. Ezinma Nnabuife, in her remarks, said the association’s visit was to learn from her wealth of knowledge. She said the association was at CPHA in 2016 and liked the experience.

“Health-wise, I benefited a lot from her lecture. Just like what she said on the relevance of health and well-being to healthy, happy and long life. As soon as I get home, I will put into practice what I learnt from her.

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“We all value being alive and healthy. Mrs Ilonzo is valuable to society. We learnt a lot, it’s inexhaustible. I pray that God continues to protect her as she pours out knowledge on others, ⁿ she said.

Member, Inner Wheel Club, Ifeayinwa Ndefo said they made a repeat visit because of what some of them garnered the last time they visited. ‘The experience was most beneficial to the state of our health. The takeaway here is that the food we eat is medicine.”

Another member, Lady Christy Okoye, said it is  helpful to know that understanding of nature is vital to sustaining wholeness. “Some plants shown were things we know but we take them for granted. Someone like me, I love nature and have many plants at home without the knowledge of their health values. Now that I have gained more knowledge, I will go and put it to practice,” she said.

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