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2023: Catholic Bishops task FG on insecurity



WORRIED by the continued killing of Nigerians, Catholic Bishops of Nigeria have called on the federal government to brace up and stop the impending danger of looming darkness.

  The bishops on the aegis of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBN), lamented the spate of killings and violence in Nigeria despite appeals on the federal government to ensure security of lives and property.

  The bishops, who briefed the press on the state of the nation in Abuja, said that in spite of several interventions and advice to those in authority, the country seemed to continue to plug deeper into the abyss.

  Secretary-general of the group, Very Rev. Zachariah Sampson, who spoke on behalf of the bishops said, “we keep witnessing pervasive killings of innocent citizens in their homes, churches, streets and even kidnapping, invasion of villages and towns. Wanton looting and ransom taking, raping and territorial conquest are sadly the order of the day”

  “Regrettably, the people are yet to find hope in the present administration’s ability or desire to tackle the many problems that have bedeviled Nigeria.

  “We wish to assure our people that despite the pervading gloom, the light of Christ can never be overcome.

  “We are confident that 2023 general election would usher in a new era of growth and transformation in the country”.

  “All Nigerians, irrespective of creed or tribe, all registered voters should participate fully in the elections.

  “It is only with the power of ballot the people could engender the progress in the country”

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  “We urge Nigerians to desist from selling their votes, rather they should vote in accordance with their conscience and good judgment, ensuring that only the  candidates that will improve lives are voted into power. Youths should reject being used as thugs, assassins and electoral violators.”

Speaking on allegations of manipulation of electoral register in different parts of the country, the bishops implored the electoral umpire to investigate the allegation diligently and ensure that anyone implicated is brought to account for his crime.

  They urged all politicians to watch their utterances and their agents to be civil, decent as they canvass for votes and debates.

  Also speaking, the National Director of Social Communications, Catholic Communication, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Very Rev. Fr. Mike Umoh described 2023 as a special year for the nation, stressing the forth coming elections offer a sign of hope in the midst of disaster.

  “The Catholic Church has shown a lot of concern about the plight and suffering of common man”.

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