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Anambra traders commend Soludo for policy against illegal taxation




TRADERS in Anambra State have commended Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo for his quick response to their clarion call .

  Speaking under the aegis of Anambra Elite Trader’s Forum (AETF), the traders in their letter ‘Appreciation For Quick Response To The Traders Clarion Call And A Reminder’, signed by Chikeluba Odiche and Michael Nwangwu, stated: “We write your highly esteemed office to appreciate His Excellency for the excellent job being done in Anambra State. We, the citizens, can feel the impact of His Excellency’s policies. Recently, Your Excellency, you reversed the haulage fees chargeable, and directed the enforcers to revert to the old rates. There is also new circulation in further reinforcing the ban on touts and illegal tax collectors in the state. The traders are indeed happy and highly appreciative of these developments”

  The traders said  they wee aware and happy that the government has lifted  ban placed on elections for town unions in the state and they appreciated the transparency which the elections are being conducted.

  “We, however, appreciated your brilliant initiative to reinstate the former president general of Ogbaru Relief Market and we are passionately soliciting you to as well return back the former president general of Bridge-Head Market and Ose Okwodu Market Chairmen, respectively.

  “We recalled that on March 25, 2022, Your Excellency, you invited traders to Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre, Awka, and intimated  us of some of your policies and programs for efficient administration for the state. Your Excellency, you also promised us to conduct election for markets union by March this year for the markets that are operating on caretaker committee leadership”

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  “We wish to intimate you that there is no indication of preparedness on the part of the relevant authorities to conduct the elections. There is no plans yet, no notice or any preparation whatsoever to indicates intention to conduct these elections and the caretaker committee members have continued to sit tight in these offices”

  They further  said that, it was on the hope of the elections to be conducted by March this year, they prevailed on the aggrieved persons to withdraw different law suits they filed against the caretaker committees, Dr. Ngonadi and Anambra State government, even as they explained that  those aggrieved persons obeyed and withdrew the suits believing that market leaders who were removed unjustly by the erstwhile Commissioner for Trade, Commerce and Industry would return to their offices.

  “Your excellency, it is worth to remind you that traders in Anambra State constitutes ( 70%) APGA party members and reinstating the remaining unlawfully removed market chairmen will further motivate them” Said the traders.

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