Long-hour fasting damages kidney — NAFDAC



DIRECTOR General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Mojisola Adeyeye, has urged Nigerians to avoid  subjecting themselves to long-hour fasting as it is  risky to their kidneys.

  Prof. Adeyeye, who spoke in Abuja, on Monday, while briefing the media on the breakthrough by her agency in tracking a high consignments of Tramadol and other pharmaceuticals to the Republic of Benin, attributed the high rate of kidney problems in Nigeria to prolonged fasting by some religious adherents, insisting that those subjecting themselves to prolonged fasting on religious grounds must moderate the act.

  According to her, “kidney failure, we are a very religious country- Muslims and Christians fast a lot and it is part of the kidney problem.

  “Your body has to have homeomistatic balance, meaning that the water level in your body must be enough to make your organs to function.

  “Some people will fast for 10 or 20 days and drink only little water, the kidney is being punished. Now, if you put chemicals in it, it triples in exponential manner, it damages the kidney because the kidney doesn’t have water to dilute and filter.”

  She tasked Nigerians to fast but with common sense.

  “I fast but with common sense. We have to fast with common sense, otherwise, we will pay with our kidneys.”

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