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Gov. Soludo assures Amawbia community of organic fertilizer plant



Governor Chukwuma Soludo has assured that his administration is working assiduously to repair the broken social contract existing between Anambra people and the State government.

  Governor Soludo stated this while receiving a delegation of Amawbia people who paid him a courtesy call at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia.

  He affirmed that the Organic Fertilizer Project at Amawbia will become operational, soon.

  The organic fertilizer project was (a project Former President Obasanjo approved for five states and added one in the South East).

  The Governor while responding to their plea concerning the project, assured that the State Government will look in and ensure that the Organic Fertilizer Project at Amawbia becomes operational because it will create jobs and add value for the people, while urging the Federal Government to provide the necessary equipment.

  While addressing the delegation, Governor Soludo stressed that it will take time to win the peoples’ trust because the people no longer trust the government. He admitted that successive governments hasn’t been entirely sincere to the people for decades.

  He thanked Ndi Amawbia for their massive support during the last gubernatorial election and for electing him to work for the state while describing Amawbia Community as a great town and a home.

  The Governor explained that Anambra has an estimate of N5.5 trillion annual economy, but 99.8% of the income is in private hands.

  According Governor Soludo, the Public Community Private Partnership (PCPP) with the public sector is critical, stressing that his administration is attempting to get Anambra to contribute at least 5% of their income.

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  He mentioned that countries that are rapidly developing contribute 22% of their income to the government.

  “When the oil money arrived, we abandoned the taxes that had been in place since the first and second republics. There is no society in the world that has developed without the use of taxes”, Soludo stated.

  “We are currently at 0.2%, but 22% income or higher is required for any economy to develop rapidly.

  “Individuals may provide public goods, public infrastructure, waste management, security, law and order, and so on. That is the primary responsibility of the government.

 “People have forgotten that they must contribute a portion of their income to the government in order for it to provide public services. This has been the practice for decades.

  “In my inaugural speech, I mentioned the Neni and Oraukwu models, in which the people built their roads with good drainage on their own. They are now concentrating on primary health care and education.   This model is gradually being adopted by a number of communitie,” he said.

  The President-General of Amawbia Town Union, Chief Godwin Aronu,while appreciating Gov. Soludo said the project was initiated in 2006 and Amawbia will provide the land, the state government will provide the building while the federal government will provide the equipment, but the project was halted somewhere along the way.

  “This project has the potential to solve the problem of providing organic fertilizer in the South East. It generates approximately 500 million naira in revenue through job creation and by-product marketing.

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  “Based on Mr. Governor’s policy, we would like to collaborate with the state government. We want the stumbling block removed from that project. Finance and expertise are available to run it.

  “We want our skill acquisition center to be operational. These are two critical programmes that we want to present to the Governor on behalf of the Amawbia community”, he added.

  The National Chairman of APGA, Ozonkpu Oye, appreciated the governor for giving the people of Amawbia the opportunity to meet with him after rescheduling the meeting four times.

  He admitted that he had no idea how many communities have the opportunity to meet with the Governor as Amawbia has.

  “Ndi Amawbia” (Amawbia people) are known as peace makers which connotes our name (Ama obia) meaning we don’t know visitors. We welcome everyone from wherever they come and give them our lands.

  He revealed that the people of Amawbia adore Mr Governor, as all three wards and 17 polling units in Amawbia voted for him. He also promised that Governor Soludo would get the most votes from them during his second term.

   Chief of Staff to Governor Soludo, Mr. Ernest Ezeajughi, Commissioner for Special Duties, Barrister Sly Ezeokenwa, the prestigious Amawbia Ozo Society, Amawbia Stakeholders among others attended the event.

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