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New Year resolution of what importance?



MAKING New Year resolution is an ancient practice. At the beginning of every year, people make New Year resolutions. It is believed that when people make promises for the year, it’s a sort of a goal or goals they intended to achieve in the New Year.

  Going back to history, ancient historians said that the Babylonians were making New Year’s resolutions some 4000 years ago.

  According to Dannielle Haig, a business psychologist, ”New Year’s resolutions date back to ancient times”. Haig said that, “in various Abrahamic religions, there is also a New Year cleansing for a fresh beginning, so it would seem it’s an innate desire for humans to have a fresh start.’ 

  She noted that New Years are great signposts for account to her. “New Years come and go consistently and without a doubt, so it’s a good time for us to be working towards a goal.

  ‘I think that as life is full of ups and downs, we inevitably need a time to reflect on what happened that was good and what we would like to improve, ‘ she said.

  While some made resolutions that were realistic, some people did not. An educationist, Stella Brown saidevery New Year, she made and achieved New Year’s resolutions.

  To her, the beginning of every year, or week, is like a clean page.” I use the chance to do something new and do the things I didn’t get a chance to do last week, month or year.’

  She said she feels empowered to make significant changes in the New Year, but she doesn’t ‘try to make resolutions that are completely unrealistic “because I know I won’t stick to it,’

  Many people made unrealistic New Year resolutions they do not keep. This is the problem with the New Year, new me attitude. 

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  A trader, Sam Okoye, said his New Year resolution is to work hard in 2023. When asked why he took that decision, he explained that he was serious in his trade in 2022 and made some money that opened his eyes to see that with hard work, he can make more money.

   A student, Lotachi Umeh said her new year resolutions are to put more effort in her studies, to be more prayerful and be a better person.

  A mother of five and house wife, Mrs Nkemdilim Nwafor said her New Year resolution is to look for something doing. She said she was tired of staying at home without working, depending on her husband. Nwafor said she has come to realise that idleness is a problem.

  Moses Akor said he used to smoke and it gave him serious health problems. He said he has resolved to quit smoking in 2023.

 It is good to make New Year resolutions though, sometimes, new year resolutions fail. People would make their New Year resolutions and could not keep them. There can be pressure to change everything at once, which could lead to setbacks.

  A therapist, Caroline Plumer said, ‘on paper, it’s a highly positive thing to focus on moving forward and reaching your full potential. However, there can be obstacles on the way and this can lead to real disappointment.

  ‘Failure often occurs when we aren’t realistic about our goals – as much as we want to believe we can change overnight, we generally can’t, and more importantly, we don’t usually need to.’

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  Another therapist, Olivia James said that failure in keeping to new year’s resolutions can lead to a cycle of self-doubt and low self-esteem.

  She says: ‘New Year’s resolutions based on the fantasy self that we create tend to be completely unrealistic and over-ambitious.

  ‘Failure is almost inevitable: we stop going to the gym when we are tired or ill or when the weather is bad, and then we pile lots of guilt on ourselves,’ she adds.

  This feeds into our ‘inner critic,’ which feeds off the promise we make to ourselves only to end up breaking them.

  To avoid this, James advises,” making small positive changes and doing them consistently.”. 

  A Sociologist, Ogochukwu Ezeadi, said she used to make new year’s resolutions but had to stop.

  She said: “I used to make new year resolutions. I observed that the more I made new year’s resolutions, the more I failed, the more I blamed myself.’

  She said that she decided to make small positive changes whenever she felt like it, instead of when everybody else was doing it.

  Pressure is reason Philomena Kushie stopped making new year’s resolutions and decided to focus on making changes as and when is necessary.

  She said: ‘I used to be known for setting huge, unrealistic goals and not completing them,’ she said.

  ‘Now, I prefer to focus on a general timeline for achieving my goals, without putting them off until the next fresh start.

  “It felt so arbitrary to wait until the New Year, and I think it’s a really limiting way to think about goals. ‘

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  Kushie advised, “if you really want something, you should start right away.’ It’s true: waiting until January does nothing but waste the time you could have spent already working towards your next goal, be it a healthier lifestyle or a certain amount of money in your savings.

  “Plus, if you don’t manage to start straight away, there’s no need to write off the next seven days or month to start again.

 “Whether it’s a Monday or a random Thursday in the middle of January, there’s never a perfectly right – or wrong – time to set a new challenge.

  “Rather than waiting until the next fresh start to throw yourself full-throttle into yet another realistic goal, only to windup burnt out by week three, why not start making smaller, actionable changes now and watch your new life blossom as we enter into 2022? She asked.

  Well, it’s all about mind set. For those who are fat and want to lose weight, in making their  new year resolutions, there is the need to focus on setting some realistic measurable goals like exercising twice or thrice a week, cutting down on consumption of carbohydrates, eating more fruits and vegetables. When done, your goal would be achieved.

  Once you succeed in keeping your New Year resolutions, focus on what you have achieved.

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