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Regent, others eulogise Ejiofor’s ‘Think Home’ philosophy, patriotism



…As Oba Cabinet holds valedictory service for Ichie Ogali

IT WAS all encomiums for the leader, EzeOkpoko Oba Cabinet, the late Chief Cyprian C Ejiofor Ichie Ogali Oba) as the Regent of Oba, Prince Noel Ezenwa (Ezeamaalu) and all Oba Ichies and chiefs paid their last respect to their fallen colleague.

  Speaking during a valedictory session which held at the EzeOkpoko’s palace, Oba, Idemili South, Anambra State, Prince Ezenwa described the late Chief Ejiofor as an eminent significant mountain in Oba community horizon.

  “Sir C.C. Ejiofor, Ogali Oba is like the biblical mountain that one had to approach with care and trepidation. His presence connoted magnificence, protection and even a sanctuary to which persons ran to derive blessings.

  “He stood for anything that was beneficial to the development and well being of Umuogali and Oba in general. Ichie Ogali was a patriot to the core and a very close ally of Igwe P.C. Ezenwa. He was straight forward in his dealings, feisty and fastidious to adhering to rules and regulations.

   “Sir CC Ejiofor had a robust business in Kano which extended to some French West African countries but after the end of the Nigeria Civil War, he made Oba his base,” Ezenwa said.

   In his remarks, the President General, Oba, Rev. Chris Emelie noted that the late Ejiofor was always one of the first persons their opinions would be sought any time duty calls in Oba community.” Ogali has never been found wanting  anytime duty calls. He had maintained a very strong position in the decision making of our great community, Oba”.

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   According to Chief Vincent Obi (Akamba Oba), the late Ejoifor was one of the pioneers of Oba Renaissance. He had the first estate in Oba called Ogali Estate and built the first plaza. He owns the Oba Community Bank building and also started the first Oba table water factory with Ichie Iyasele.

  “Ichie Ogali, Ichie Iyasele, Eleazer Bende, who opened the first motorcycle mechanic workshop, Okeke of Ageep Petrol Station, Ijele Oba, who built the first cooking gas plant in Oba, Igwe Peter Ezenwa, who established the prestigious EzeOkpoko furniture, Okwuluboko,Walter Emebo, Ako Nwankwo and co of Terminus Inn, among others should be imortalised as real builders of the town called Oba town,” said Chief Obi.

   Also, Chief Boniface Onyeka (Okom II) described the late Ejiofor as an astute and shrewd businessman, an early riser who does not condone lazy folks, adding that late Ejiofor was so patriotic and passionate about his community which positioned him at the forefront of ensuring peace and unity of Oba.

  Chief Samuel Odinammadu (Ikeora Oba) states: ” Ogali was our leader and Onowu of Oba. He assumed the EzeOkpoko cabinet leader position out of diligience. Oba was proud of him. No one will challenge God because every mortal will join immortality someday.

  “Sir C.C. Ejiofor served his community, so his children should heed the counsel of the cleric on thinking home and do likewise just as I am doing, investing both at home and in diaspora,” Odinammadu said.

  Moreover, Chief Akonam Emekekwuo (Akuatuegwu Oba), after praying God to give the family of the deceased the fortitude to bear their loss, encouraged them to continue in the good legacies of their father.

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  “Ichie Ogali was among those who welcomed me in the cabinet. He was a father of great reputation. His way of life and conduct was worthy of emulation. In fact, it took me six different flights from America to be in Oba this day just to honor his personality and pay my last respect,” said Akonam.

  However, t5he late Ejiofor’s second son, Onochie Ejiofor flanked by his sister, Adeze Nwamaduno(Ada Ichie Ogali) and brothers, Charles, Uzochukwu, Obinna with other siblings and relatives thanked the mammoth crowd of relatives, ndi Oba, friends and well-wishers for defying all odds including the insecurity bedeviling the country to support them in their mourning period.

  They said that they will continue in the legacies of discipline, hard work, truthfulness, philanthropy, mindful spending and patriotism which their late father, Ichie Ogali was known for.

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