Christmas: Govt warns masqueraders
against traffic menace



ANAMBRA State Government has warned all masquerades in the state to desist from acts capable of causing traffic gridlock especially during the forthcoming Christmas and new year. 

  This was contained in a release signed by the Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Sir Paul Nwosu, stressing that the government has taken all the necessary steps to ensure free flow of traffic in the length and breadth of the state at this period when  people are expected to return for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

According to the release, “the government is therefore calling on all masquerade (Mmanwu) enthusiasts and followers to restrict their entertainments to their respective village squares, and not the highways and major roads where they are likely to cause traffic gridlock.

“The same warning goes to owners of beer parlours who, especially at this time, are in the habit of annexing major roads as parts of their business premises.  Those caught flouting this directive will be arrested and sanctioned accordingly.

“Our season’s pomp and merrymaking should not constitute discomfort to passers-by.

“In the light of the above, President Generals are urged to advise those that are concerned in their various communities.”

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