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More reactions trail Paul, Anderson bout



JAKE Paul defeated UFC legend, Anderson Silva back in October in their boxing match, which sparked controversy after The Problem Child’s unanimous decision victory. It raised so many eyebrows that the outcome is still being discussed today.

  The actual outcome wasn’t the major talking point, with Paul certainly the better throughout, securing the only knockdown of the fight with a brutal overhand right to follow up a short left hand jab.

  However, plenty of reports have claimed that the fight was rigged, suggesting Silva took the dive for the bag, including Paddy Pimblett, who himself has been embroiled in UFC controversy after his win at UFC 282 this weekend, with the general consensus he lost the fight, let alone winning via unanimous decision.

  There have been several opinions on whether or not the fight was rigged, with only a few people genuinely knowing the actual answer to the question which is still dividing boxing fans, even over a month after the event.

  The initial TV angle of the knockdown didn’t look overly brutal, adding fuel to the fire that Silva was just there to take a dive and line his pockets, but new footage suggests otherwise, making it even tougher for fans to make their minds up regarding the fight, this angle could well change some opinions on the fight, but for others they’ll need more convincing.

  Paul’s promotion company, Most Valuable Promotions, has shared a video of the knockdown in slow-motion, including a new angle that wasn’t seen at the time of the fight, with the blow looking much worse now.

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  Obviously, slow-motion makes the shot look increasingly more savage, something that can be said for most sports, but boxing in-particular.

  In Silva’s defence, I think many people would have struggled to take that shot and not be impacted by it, especially when you see it from the new angle above. It certainly adds more credibility to the knockdown, which at the time looked weak.

  Most Valuable Promotions have captured the video with a simple two words, ‘the truth’, which suggests they wanted to respond to all the recent reports flying around that the fight was rigged, with Paul’s new nemesis, Paddy The Baddy himself speaking out about the fight.

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