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How 22-yr-old Anambra student fasts 8 hours, treks 10 hours daily for Peter Obi



How 22-yr-old Anambra student fasts 8 hours, treks 10 hours daily for Peter Obi

A dark, average-height young man was, on Saturday, spotted standing still with the flag of the Labour Party at a  part of the popular Eze-Uzu Junction (also known as AguAwka Junction) in Awka, Anambra State capital.

The manner in which the lone-standing and profusely-sweating young man tightly held up his flag and stood still under the sun, without any known rally or other event of the Labour Party taking place in Awka that day  moved our reporter to approach him to ask some questions.

Upon interrogation, the 22-year old, who wore a face cap with the inscription “Obi Flag Boy”, introduced himself as Henry MadichieEmeka, and added that he was Peter Obi’s Flag Boy in Anambra State.

Asked why he was lone-standing with the flag under the hot sun; Emeka explained that he had devoted himself to ensure that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi emerges victorious in the 2023 general election.

According to him, he is so pained and worried by the current situation of Nigeria, which he attributed to the incompetency and selfishness of the country’s leadership. He added that it was the love he has for Nigeria and his earnest desire to contribute to the betterment of the nation through the enthronement of competent leadership that pushed him to start doing what he does.

When asked what he exactly does, Mr. Emeka explained that he treks around Anambra State with the Labour Party flag and stands at five different strategic locations for at least two hours each, totalling about 10 hours or more daily. He also disclosed that he does not eat but drinks only water till everyday. These, he said, he does for Obi and the Obi-dient Family because he sees him (Obi) as a very competent hand who has what it takes to fix Nigeria, and, therefore, devotes his time daily to voluntarily spread the Obi-dient message and ensure his victory in the forthcoming election.

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Going further, Mr. Emeka, who hails from Awgbu, in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State disclosed that he had been doing these for about two months now and still counting. He also revealed that he had trekked round the different parts of the various local government areas in Anambra State, including, different parts of Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka and other urban and rural areas with his flag, in personal campaign for Obi and the Labour Party.

“I don’t go with car. I use my legs. I do this because of the hope I have for a new Nigeria and the trust I have in Mr. Peter Obi, that when he gets there, he would do well and represent both the poor masses and the rich masses,” he said.

Asked what he gains in return, Mr. Emeka, who is a Public Administration student of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu, currently rounding up his Industrial Training in Anambra, said: “Many people have been asking me this question. Even recently when I trekked to Onitsha, someone also asked me the same question. Brother, nobody paid me anything to do this, and nobody is paying me anything to be doing it.

 “I personally chose to stress myself for the future and betterment of this country. As a youth, I believe that I don’t need to be paid before I can contribute my own quota to the betterment of my country if I truly love my country. If this stress will bring the total liberation my country needs at this point in time, then I will keep on doing it.

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“Besides, if it was somebody that appointed me to be doing it, then I won’t have to stand here alone; I would have chosen a security agent to guide and stand with me. But you can see I am standing here all alone with my flag; even though they say today is sit-at-home, which is a very dangerous day for me to do this kind of thing, just like other sit-at-home days. But I am here today, the same way I do every day, including on the sit-at-home days —standing under the sun, and overlooking every security risks associated with it.”

Asked whether Peter Obi and the Obi-dient Family are aware of what he does for them, Emeka said, although they may or may not be aware, his major interest was not necessarily on whether they are aware or not, but centres in reaching the masses with his message and ensuring that he (Obi) becomes the next President of Nigeria.

He revealed that he usually prays well and asks God for protection, strength and guidance every day before he sets out for his mission, and also thanks Him when he goes and returns. He added that he  also usually found it difficult to explain how the strength comes; but, however, attributed it to the grace of God.

On his message to Nigerians, Emeka, who disclosed that he would continue to spread the “Obi-dient Message” even when he returns to school next year to complete his studies, advised Nigerians, especially Nigerian youths, not to allow anyone deceive them in the forthcoming election, but to take their future in their hands by voting wisely and choosing the right candidates come 2023.

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