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Christmas for sacrifices not merriment — Cleric



Jerry Prince Okoye

GENERAL Overseer of City of Grace Royal Assembly Church, Jerry Prince Okoye has said that Christmas is not for merriment but a time of sacrifices in order to prepare another journey of year

  Prophet Okoye disclosed this during a church service on Sunday, in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, while preaching on sacrifices God can’t reject and ones he can reject

  He stressed that some Christians believe that Christmas is all about merriment, spending money, buying new things in the market, cloths, enjoying life without focusing on altar sacrifices; on how to prepare another journey of life

  The prophet noted that politicians don’t think on how to celebrate Christmas but their focus is on how to make sacrifices that will prepare them for better tomorrow

  “Christmas is a time for altar sacrifices not for merriment. Politicians remain in office because of their sacrifices;the rich becomes richer today also due to alter sacrifices committed.Prosperity does not come based on prayers, power or strength but based on sacrifices.

  “Sin is not the reason why men are far from God because every man is born with sin.“God is against you due to lack of sacrifices and obedience. God is a sprint and sprint only understands one language which is blood sacrifices. That’s why you sees many cows, goats, chickens, in the market for sacrifices not for merriment”.

  The prophet added that the reason men die untimely is because there is no sacrifice that speak for them.

“Sacrifice is something given out of nothing that will cause you something. You can’t enter  aconvenant with empty hand or give with biased heart. It’s what you give, you shall receive in return. Sacrifice is a thing that will speak for you when all hope is gone. The sacrifices you give today may be the oneto  speak for you tomorrow.

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  He therefore, charged all the faithful Christians to pay more attention on sacrifices than merriment in this Christmas season in order to prepare themselves ahead of 2023 New Year

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