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NIWA successfully moves goods to Onitsha River Port



West African Ceramic Limited, a leading manufacturer of tiles in Nigeria under the brand name ‘Royal’ in Ajaokuta, Kogi State has successfully moved tiles worth
22 trailers to Onitsha River Port in  Anambra State.

West African Ceramic Limited’s PRO,  Mr Hassan Ilugbami, said the company took advantage of the dredged channel of River Niger in conveying the tiles to Onitsha.

The company added that it used a barge M.V Vega owned by the company with tugboat piloted by NIWA onboard crew with escort from Inland Waterways police for adequate security.

In a statement by the General Manager, Corporate Affairs, JibrilDarda’u, on returning, the barge carried laterite, a major raw material for the production of tiles that is worth 27 trailers back to Ajaokuta, Kogi state.

“The company confirmed to NIWA that they will continue taking the advantage of the dredged channel from Ajaokuta to Onitsha which is 162KM in moving all her products, because is cheaper and safer”, it stated.

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