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Address constitution, restructuring
– Agbakoba tells presidential candidates



NIGERIA has never been so divided and to unite the country, ensure security and order, the next president must address the challenge of legitimate constitution, restructuring and strengthen the local government system.

  Former President of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Dr. OlisaAgbakoba (SAN), who disclosed this during the presentation of OlisaAgbakoba Legal (OAL) Policy Report 2022, a big issue for 2023 general election, criticised the manifesto of the various presidential candidates.

    He identified insecurity, poverty, unemployment, ailing economy, disunity, restructuring and legitimate constitution as some of the major challenges.

“According to him, the 2023 general election is a defining moment for Nigeria which raises the need for a thorough and insightful search for who will preside over the country’s affairs after President Buhari’s administration. Overall, we are happy to note that this is one of the first presidential elections that issues are coming to the fore”.

 He noted that OAL Policy Report 2022 has highlighted a few of the big issues that should engage any presidential candidate interested in leading Nigeria some of which include lack of unity, disorder and insecurity which must be tackled.

  “The other big challenges are the weak legal institutional and regulatory frame work, these needs to be strengthened”.

  “The third is the economy, especially as it relates to rising budget deficit, debt and shrinking revenue. Nigeria needs innovation and transformation tools to deal with all the issues highlighted in this report”.

  Contributing further on how to tackle some of the issues, Agbakoba said a legitimate constitution is the most vital political frame work. He stated that to succeed four vital elements must exist and they include inclusivity, validity, legitimacy and authority.

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  He noted the previous constitution is generally perceived as imposed by the military.

  On the devolution of power, he suggested that the massive devolution of power from federal to state government is vital.

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