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Tyson’s former coach compares him to Pacquaio



MIKE TYSON came up mentally short in his boxing career, but at his best is compared to one of the greats from the past quarter of a century.

  The early trainer of Tyson has likened the style of the former undisputed heavyweight champion to that of current generational star, Manny Pacquiao.

  Teddy Atlas, who nurtured Tyson’s talent as a teenager before a nasty split, made the comments in a recent assessment.

  The ex-coach of retired WBC light-heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Gvozdyk, Atlas now puts most of his time into his ‘The Fight With’ podcast.

  During an episode going over Tyson’s reign and the height of his powers in 1988, Atlas said the ideal comparison was Pacquiao.

  “We’ve had great punchers who can punch like Wilder with the right hand,” pointed out Atlas. “(We had) unbelievable Ernie Shavers, (the) unbelievable Max Bear back in the 30s. Unbelievable with the right hand.

  “Joe Frazier with the left hook was devastating, but to be able to punch from both sides of the plate (something) like Mickey Mantle, the great switch hitter. He hit with power on either side.

  “Tyson was that. Then you mix it with speed. He was a large version of Pacquiao, where you have speed and power in a big guy. It was incredible.”

  He concluded: “Tyson was an unbelievable mix of physical ability. His technique was the right technique to peekaboo and exploit. To really take advantage of his speed and to make a guy miss.

  “Tyson could slip and weave and punch. He could be in a position to Bang! Bang! – and explode a bomb with power and speed.

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  “He was tremendous but came up short on the mental side.”

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