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We’ll attend to every fire incident in Anambra irrespective of distance – Fire Service Chief




The chief fire officer of the Anambra State Fire Service,. Martin Onyedikachukwu Agbili has declared that the state fire department is ready to fight fire anywhere in the state, even if the fire incident is as catastrophic as hellfire.

Agbili, who told our correspondent in an exclusive interview at the state fire service headquarters Awka, that the fire department has been conquering fire outbreaks across the state, noted that fire fighters have been very proactive in responding to distress calls and fighting fire to standstill.

The award-winning fire chief said there was no way there would be fire incident in Anambra that the fire service will not attend to it irrespective of the distance to the fire station, even as he said that citizens were always advised to adopt the rules and regulations of fire safety measures so that there would be no incidence of fire outbreaks at domestic or industrial level, especially at dry seasons when vulnerability to fire incidents were high and prevalent.

Agbili said the state fire department has continued to receive encomiums for her prompt and proactive responses to infernos especially the recent inferno that rocked Bridge Head Pharmaceuticals in Onitsha and that Anambra citizens have continued to extol their gallantry at fighting the Bridge Head Market fire to standstill.

The fire chief therefore admonished ndi Anambra to endeavour to cut down the grasses within their surroundings to avoid wild fire straying into their houses and other buildings and that people should also learn to switch off electrical appliances completely from the control switch when they were not in use to avoid incidences of power surge that could trigger off fire outbreaks.

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He said that another fire preventive measure was ensuring that domestic gas cylinders were stationed outside the kitchen where it can get enough ventilation to avoid explosion, adding that underage children should not also be allowed to have contact with gas cooker in the kitchen. He equally stressed the need for operators of petrol stations to ensure that they have bucket dry sands and fire extinguishers in place in order to quench any fire incident.

He also said that petrol attendants should not sell petrol to vehicles, motorcycles or tricycles whose ignitions were on to avoid explosions, adding that fire can be prevented with the right attitudes.

Agbili also told our correspondent that the fire service under the current administration of Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo is undergoing various forms of metamorphosis, following the decentralisation of the agency by the state governor.

He said the state government has decentralised the fire service such that there would be fire stations in all the 21 local government areas of Anambra State, where the local government chairmen would be responsible for fire stations in their respective council areas.

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