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INEC vows to address issues with voter register, punish culpable officials




AHEAD of the 2023 elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission on Thursday said it would address all issues raised concerning the national register of voters.

  INEC had this month made the entire register public on its website for the first time in the nation’s electoral history.

  However, many Nigerians have identified numerous cases of underage voters and double registration.

  In a statement signed by National Commissioner, Festus Okoye, INEC said it was committed to cleaning up the register and punish those found guilty of tampering with its integrity.

  The Commission said making the register public was a sign of transparency on its part.

  The register is expected to be displayed physically at the Registration Area level from November 12 to 18.

  At the Local Government level, it will be displayed from November 19 to 25, during which voters can make claims and objections.

  In addition to the physical display, citizens can also make claims and objections online, the Commission said.

  “We wish to reassure Nigerians that the Commission is committed to transparency and accountability in all its activities,” INEC said.

  “We hope that at the end of the exercise, the Commission, with the involvement of citizens, would have improved the quality of the Register of Voters, which is the bedrock of a successful election.”

  The Commission said cleaning up the voter register, which contains all the voters dating back to the 2011 registration exercise, was a “continuous and painstaking process over time.”

  Indeed, the presently displayed register contains all the voters dating back to the registration of 2011, not just the recent exercise.

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  “That some of these likely ineligible entries are being found presently confirms the Commission’s position that the best way to make the voters’ register more robust is for Nigerians to continue to scrutinise it and, more importantly, make their claims and objections for its improvement. We thank Nigerians for their sustained cooperation for the growth of our democracy.”

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