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COP27: World leaders seek solution to global warming



World leaders seek solution to global warming

MONDAY ushered in new rounds of negotiations in a bid to finalise a workable communique that would shape climate actions before the next COP in 2023.

  The second week of conversation at the ongoing Conference of Parties on climate change started on Monday with over 40,000 people from around the world and over 100 global leaders displaying their plans on how to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees and aim for 1.5 degrees.

  COP started last week with the world leaders summit on Monday and Tuesday. After two days of roundtables and country statements, more than 100 heads of state raised their voice by pledging commitments to support the world’s vulnerable communities.

  Six roundtables were convened to address the most pertinent climate challenges, including food, water, and energy security, as well as innovative finance mechanisms for climate and development. Afterwards, as with previous COPs, the remaining days featured discussions on various themes such as finance, science, youth and future generations, decarbonisation, adaptation and agriculture, gender, water, civil society, energy, biodiversity and solutions.

  Monday ushered in new rounds of negotiations by country negotiators in a bid to finalise a workable communique that would shape climate actions before the next COP in 2023.

  The programme schedule has water and gender as the talking point for Monday. This included side events and panel discussions on the role of women in dealing with all aspects of the climate change challenge. This day will bring together women leading climate at global, regional, country and local community levels to discuss matters of gender within the climate agenda.

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  The day was also scheduled to feature a discussion on the climate impacts on water and the linkages to wider, cross-cutting impacts on development and livelihoods.

  Tuesday, however, will be Civil Society and Energy Day. Civil Society is an indispensable partner in the global effort to combat climate change, and as a result, CoP27 has set out Tuesday to engage Civil Societies and to ensure their views and perspectives are integrated in a meaningful manner.

  Participants will have a platform for sharing best practices and identifying challenges, as well as networking and developing multi-stakeholder partnership opportunities, it will showcase the role and contribution of civil society in this area and across the board in different forms of climate action and policy response.

  The Energy Day would deal with all aspects of energy and climate change, including renewable energy and energy transformation, with a specific focus on just transition in the energy sector, and green hydrogen as a potential energy source for the future.

  On Wednesday, Biodiversity will take the centre stage. The day will feature discussions about the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and the means to mobilise global actions towards the challenges to halt biodiversity loss and reduce the impacts of climate change and pollution.

  The discussions would also include the impacts of climate change on oceans, endangered species, coral reefs, the sustainability of protected areas to deliver ecosystem services to human, impacts of plastic waste on the aquatic ecosystems and species, ecosystem-based solutions and their link to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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  Thursday will be Solutions day – a day to discuss possible solutions for the broad array of climate change challenges that range from holistic, cross-cutting solutions such as the greening of national budgets, sustainable cities, multilevel action and sustainable transport, to sectoral solutions like waste management, alternatives to plastic and green building. More specific solutions emanating from the private sector and start-ups bringing creativity and innovation to the effort to deal with climate change will be appraised.

  Final negotiations will take the main engagement on Friday where it is expected that COP27, the “implementation COP” will produce a clear implementation framework that will guide the world to deliver on the goals of the Climate Convention and the Paris Agreement.Monday ushered in new rounds of negotiations in a bid to finalise a workable communique that would shape climate actions before the next COP in 2023.

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