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Scientists detect new COVID-19
symptom in children



AN UNUSUAL symptom has been detected as an early sign of COVID-19 infection among children.

   The finding was discovered by medical experts from Royal College of Podiatry, England.

   The development is occurring amid new rise in confirmed cases with approximately one in 40 people showing the new signs.

   According to latest data from United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics it was not until just one week ago that blistered feet – known as ‘Covid toes’ –  wasbeing highlighted by doctors as new or rare symptom associated with coronavirus.

   Explaining that ‘covid toes’ impact the skin, causing discolouration and swelling on the toes, the report also said that more often than not it’s found among young people and children who have just contracted the pandemic.

   According to lead author of the study, Dr Donald Grant, “blistered feet (or Covid toes) are new and rare symptom emerging among children that have coronavirus. In some cases, the virus can affect your skin causing discolouration and swelling around your toes. As COVID-19 is still such a new virus the exact reason that this happens is not fully understood by virologists and dermatologists. The symptom, which can also affect your hands, results in blisters and the development of itchy painful bumps.”

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