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Onwubiko decries eroding family values



Polycarp Onwubiko

A VETERAN journalist Mr Polycarp Onwubiko has decried the ready resort to murderous escapade and gambits in family crises especially in Igbo land in recent years.

  Onwubiko who spoke to the media expressed shock at the news about the clubbing to death of a woman by her family member in Awka, Anambra state.

  He recalled that in the past, family crises used to be amicably settled by the kindred meeting going by the traditional stipulations on inheritance of property.

  He said: “Sadly in this supposed new age corruption, godlessness and crass hypocritical posturing have rendered kindred meetings useless.”

  “The supposed elders in the kindred are bribed by a party with wealth and side with it at the chagrin and exasperation of the other party with modest income or a civil servant with usual poor income.

  Onwubiko who contended that it has become a rare to see God-fearing kindred meetings people, cited a situation in a kindred meeting in Oraeri where the response to a petition from a party to a family crises was dumped instead of being discussed by the meeting because of overwhelming evidence against a party that has been intimidating the other party.

  He said: “Given this corruptive stand, you have a case of murderous escapade as a last resort to get justice.”

  Onwubiko calls for moral re-armament and Christian lifestyle which has gone to bed to reinvent the prime position of truth in the kindred meetings, village meetings and town Union affairs.

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