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Fresh lockdown looms in China over COVID-19 spike



THE rising cases of COVID-19 in the Guangzhou Province of China has put health officials at alert,  official data of the Chinese Province of Guangzhou  has shown that the COVID-19 cases sharply escalated in the region and other major Chinese cities, with the global manufacturing hub fighting its worst flare-up ever outbreak as more lockdowns loom.

  New locally transmitted infections climbed to 7,475 nationwide on nov. 7, according to china’s health authority, up from 5,496 the day before and the highest since may.

  The increase was modest by global standards but significant for China, where outbreaks are quickly tackled when they surface. Economically vital cities, including the capital Beijing, are demanding more PCR tests for residents and locking down neighbourhoods and even districts in some cases.

  Due to the sharp rebound the country will again test its ability to keep its COVID measures strigent and targeted, which will further challenge the expectations of investors that the world’s second-largest economy could soon reopen its borders or even back off from its zero-tolerance approach.

  Yuan weakened against the dollar and Chinese stocks slipped as the rising COVID case load eroded optimism about China’s reopening its borders, shut to most visitors including tourists since 2020.

  Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, reported 2,377 new local cases for November 7, up from 1,971 the previous day. It was a dramatic jump from double-digit increases two weeks ago, as the sprawling southern city, dubbed the “factory floor of the world”, and battles its most serious outbreak.

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  Many of its districts, including central Haizhu, have imposed varying levels of curbs and lockdowns.

  However, so far, Guangzhou has resisted a blanket lockdown like the one in Shanghai earlier this year.

  Shanghai, currently not facing a COVID resurgence, went into a lockdown in April and May after reporting several thousand new infections daily in the last week of March.

  To this end, residents and business owners are meant to sit-at-home and are mandated to undergo series of the Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) covid – 19 tests as highlighted by a business owner, Aaron Xu, who runs a company in Guangzhou, “We have been working from home for the past couple of days.”

  “Only a few compounds have been locked up so far. Mostly we are seeing disruptions in the form of public transit services being suspended and compound security barring couriers and food delivery. And we have to do PCR tests every day.”

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