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Expert reiterates necessity of Radiology in diagnosis




A CONSULTANT Radiologist at the ChukwuemakaOdumegwuOjukwu Teaching Hospital AmakuAwka, Dr Samuel Udeobi has described radiology as a crucial aspect of modern medical sector, noting that it is the foundation of many medical diagnostic tools which help doctors in discovering a range of health problems at ease for effective treatment and care.

  The Health expert disclosed this on Tuesday while speaking to newsmen in Awka, Anambra State, during the celebration of 2022 International Day Of Radiology.

  Encouraging the public to avail themselves of the services of radiologists, DrUdeobi noted that radiologists take precautions to ensure that patients are not exposed to the negative effects of x-rays and other imaging.

  Contributing, another Consultant Radiologist at the hospital, Dr Michael Aronu commended states and federal governments on their efforts towards improving the radiology department of hospitals in Nigeria, pointing out that a lot of improvements are still needed for an enhanced medical care in the country, and attributed traveling of most Nigerians to other parts of the world for medical care to lack of radiology and other essential equipment in the country’s hospitals, as according to him, Nigeria has many good doctors, but lack standard health facilities.

  This year’s World Radiography Day which has its theme as, “Radiographers at the Forefront of Patient Safety”, highlights the role radiographers and radiological technologists play in promoting and maintaining radiation safety and general patient safety in all aspects of the patient journey.

  It will be recalled that  November 8, the world over is celebrated as the international day of Radiology. Scientists have described Radiology as branch of Medicine that deals with medical imaging. Medicine itself has undergone tremendous changes over the centuries from the days of Hippocrates. There is no argument that one of the grandest offshoots and ever budding aspects of medicine is Radiology.

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  From the days of the discovery of X-radiation (X-ray) in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a German physicist, Radiology has super evolved. While X-ray can be regarded as the bedrock of Radiology, other imaging modalities in the armamentarium of the Radiologist include ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging,  nuclear medicine amongst others. These imaging modalities, also, have advanced over the years, thanks to engineering and soft ware solutions.

  The radiologist, a doctor to doctors may be regarded as a medical seer. A seer not in the sense of seeing the future but of demonstrating the health condition of patients image wise. The Radiologist probes the human body with instruments or radiation, defines anatomy and brings to bare disease processes hidden underneath the skin. This unravelling of pathologies by Radiologists reduces probably by half the job of other doctors and surgeons who are put in the know to better manage their patients. To succinctly put it, Radiology makes diagnosis easier and faster, provides differential diagnosis, defines disease complications and is a powerful tool in performing a host of interventional procedures. Such interventional procedures include but not at all limited to opening up and repair of clogged or diseased blood vessels in the brain, lungs, limbs or others to save such organs.

  The practice of radiology in this part of the world has met its own quota of challenges which include poor funding for procurement of machines and the menace of quacks. Today thankfully, the story is gradually improving. Radiological centers and hospitals across the state and the country at large are now beginning to boast of various state of the art diagnostic and interventional equipments. NnamdiAzikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi is such a place. A citadel of health which through the years has produced eminent professors, consultants and scholars in the field of Radiology. On this note, the federal and state governments are asked to do more to sponsor Radiology training and procurement of equipment in various health facilities.

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