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Police arrest, detain sheep, two lambs in Borno



By Maureen Ikpeama

Borno State Police Command on Saturday, arrested and detained a lone sheep and her two lambs following a complaint that it ate a heap of fried fish displayed for sale in  Bulabulin Ward, Maiduguri .

The arrest was made following a complaint at the Bulabulin Divisional Police Headquarters by one Yusuf Ibrahim who sells fish along a busy road in the neighbourhood.

 A counter-insurgency expert and security analyst, Zagazola Makama, said that Ibrahim complained that the sheep had been ‘terrorising’ him for years.

He said he had endured the intrusion and criminal behaviour of the animal for five years, but that its action on Saturday caused him huge losses.

According to Ibrahim, the sheep had formed the habit of coming around his shop and patiently keeping watch from a distance while he fried fish. And then as soon as my attention shifts, the sheep makes a dash towards the table and before I knew it, it had eaten as much as it could before being sent away .”

He added that he had tolerated it for five years and had asked the owner to take action by putting the sheep on a leash to no avail.

The owner of the sheep, one Luba Mohammed – a housewife, lamented that she does not know how and when the sheep developed a liking for fried fish.

She admitted that the fish seller had indeed complained to her several times over the years about the actions of the sheep.

The woman begged Ibrahim; to temper justice with mercy and release the sheep, with a promise that she will sell, slaughter, or put it on a leash at home

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The sheep and the lambs were still in detention at the time of filing this report.

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