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Flood:  Anambra lawmaker to fumigate constituency against reptiles, rodents




By  Ozo Ray

The lawmaker representing Ogbaru 2 State Constituency in the legislature, Somtochukwu Udeze says plans are underway to fumigate his constituency against reptiles, rodents and other harmful insects as the flood recedes.

     Udeze whose constituency was completely submerged by this year’s flood, told our correspondent that there was need for the fumigation exercise to be carried out in the area because according to him, reptiles, rodents and other harmful creatures would be taking refuge in the homes of persons displaced by the flood.

     The lawmaker also disclosed that arrangements for farm implements were being made to enable farmers whose farm lands and other agricultural products were washed away by the flood, get some inputs for the dry season farming.

   ”  The issue now is post management of the flood. All the major structures including the roads in Ogbaru have been destroyed by the flood. The road from Onitsha to Ogwuikpele and the one from Atani to Ozubulu have all been cut off. About seven communities have been cut off in Ogbaru now due to the flood. It is extremely difficult now to access from Odekpe, Ohita to Atani. And when you get to Ochuche and Ogbakuba, you can’t continue because the road is cut off.

    “After Ogbakuba, the road is cut off. Then the bridge before Osamala is cut off. And when you go into the villages, you see total damage. Farm lands are critically damaged. So what we are looking at is post management of the flood. There is a dire need for major interventions in these areas. And the major intervention is bringing farm seedlings earlier to enable farmers begin to cultivate early enough. “

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   Meanwhile, Somtochukwu Udeze said people have started returning to their homes and the fumigation exercise would be carried out in earnest to ensure that they don’t have reptiles, rodents and other harmful animals to contend with after returning to their respective homes even as he said that the fumigation exercise would be capital intensive.

    He said apart from chasing away reptiles, rodents and other harmful creatures, the fumigation would also help to reduce mosquito bites; adding that they have placed order for cassava stems for distribution to farmers while plans have been concluded also to enroll about 150 persons into Anambra State Health Insurance Scheme as it is hoped that the flood must have receded drastically by the end of November, this year.

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