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Bridge collapses in India, over 140 killed



AT LEAST 140 people died in India when a colonial-era pedestrian bridge packed with revellers collapsed into the river below, today.
Police authorities said nearly 500 people were celebrating the last day of the Diwali festival on and around the nearly 150-year-old suspension bridge in Morbi when supporting cables snapped after dark, yesterday.
CCTV footage showed the structure in the western state of Gujarat swaying — with a few people apparently deliberately rocking it — before it suddenly gave way.
An eyewitness said “the walkway and one fence crashed into the river, leaving the other side dangling in mid-air and hundreds of people in the water. I saw the bridge collapse before my eyes. It was traumatic when a woman showed me a photo of her daughter and asked if I had rescued her. I could not tell her that her daughter had died.”
Another eyewitness named Supran said the bridge was “jam-packed.”
It will be recalled that in 2016 the collapse of a flyover onto a busy street in Kolkata killed at least 26 people. Five years earlier at least 32 people perished when a packed bridge collapsed in the hill resort of Darjeeling.

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