2023: Anambra Dep Speaker gets endorsements in Okija



Paschal Arinzechukwu Agbodike

AS THE countdown to the 2023 National Assembly elections approach, the Deputy Speaker, Anambra State House of Assembly, Paschal ArinzechukwuAgbodike has continued to garner more supports and endorsements especially from the people of Okija Ward 5 where the incumbent federal representative hails from in Okija,Ihiala Local Government Area.

  The Deputy Speaker, who is currently eyeing Ihiala Federal Constituency seat at the House of Representatives on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), recounted some of his recent activities in the council area where he received the blessings and total support of stakeholders in Ihiala, especially in Okija, where he attended the New Yam Festival of the eldest man, as well as a funeral ceremony in the area.

  The events, he said during an exclusive interview with our correspondent, took place in Okija Ward 5 precisely. He said the New Yam Festival of the eldest man in Okija was a memorable occasion as the eldest man in Okija prayed that his aspiration to the House of Representatives will come to fruition because the zoning agreement in Ihiala remains sacrosanct and by the said agreement, it is the turn of Ebonesie to produce the next representative for Ihiala Federal Constituency.

  He said the kind of overwhelming support he received from Okija was a  clear portrayal and confirmation that he would get many votes from the area because he got open endorsements from stakeholders in the area and that the people made their position known that they would stand by the zoning agreement inIhiala that bestowed Ebonesie Zone the right to represent Ihiala Federal Constituency in the next political dispensation in 2023.

  ” I attended a New Yam Festival which we call Iriji Opara Okija where the eldest man in Okija celebrated New Yam Festival with the entire Okija people. It was a very big event. I went there that day and I was warmly received by ndiOkija which is a true confirmation of their acceptance of the man representing them in the state House of Assembly and the candidate of APGA for 2023 House of Reps election for Ihiala Federal Constituency.

  “Infact, the warm reception I received that day was a true confirmation that I have no doubts that I have the votes of the entire ndiOkija in favour of APGA and myself. Special thanks to the PG of Okija, Chief Ken Emeakayi, who led ndiOkija to give me a warm reception that day. They prayed for me and the eldest man of Okija also prayed for me.

  “The stakeholders of Okija are in support. Having said with authority that zoning is sacrosanct; that it is the time of ndiEbonesie to produce House of Reps member to represent Ihiala Federal Constituency as it is the turn of Okija Zone to produce House of Assembly representative. There is no ambiguity there. If anybody is telling you otherwise, do not mind that person. The votes you will see that day from Okija will be a true confirmation that ndiOkija are peace loving people and they respect and obey agreements which the incumbent is benefiting from now.

  “Recently too, I went for a burial ceremony at Okija Ward 5. One of the major stakeholders in Okija and OkijaWard 5 respectively in the person of Chief Leo NkamemeIkengaAgu buried his brother. The kind of reception we got there was so overwhelming that there is no doubts that the people of Okija Ward 5 are for Mmirioma…

  “They are supporting me because of my antecedents. Having known that I am trustworthy; having given Okija quality and efficient representation; having built markets and sank borehole water facility in Okija Ward 5 amongst other projects instituted in that ward, they have attested to the fact that irrespective of the fact that I am not from their ward, they have promised to surprise me with votes that will overwhelm me on that day.

  “I also promise and assure the people of Okija Ward 5 and the entire Okija that they will see more dividends of democracy. That the kind of support and open endorsements they gave me will further motivate me to represent them well at the Green Chambers and also defend that which is their interest at all times”.

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