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ldolatory not cure for hardship – Catholic cleric



HARDSHIP has been identified as the reason why most Christians go back to idol worship.

   Speaking in a sermon in Awka, the Parish Vicar, St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Mbaukwu, Rev Fr James Adawai lamented that many people have gone astray jumping into conclusion that God doesn’t answer prayers any longer thereby going back to paganism.

  Stressing on some peoples misconception about perseverance in prayer and taking quick action over certain problems without waiting on the Lord, Rev. Fr. Adawai stated that such people believed that going back to idol worship is the best option without knowing its implications thereafter.

  Fr Adawai said most people are lazy and impatient with God.

   He cited that even their ancestors who worshipped idols worked hard to succeed as farmers, fishermen and hunters with dignity and perseverance, emphasising that  youths of today have refused to work hard just as their forefathers thinking paganism would be the solution to their problems. Thus, “one cannot fold his hands and expect miracle to happen.”

  “Many people go into paganism because of hardship and nothing more. Otherwise, why didn’t they go into it when Nigeria’s economy was booming? They felt going back to idol worshipping is solution to their problems instead of engaging in something useful that would benefit them and  society”.

  The vicar noted, “if really Nigerians want to succeed, they must recognise and return to God who made heaven and earth, adding that “it is only from him that solution will come”.

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  He further pointed out that the increase in churches in Nigeria has also given room to all forms of atrocities and  called on Christians to try as much as they could to maintain their childhood faith.

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