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Djokovic faces Australian Open ban despite exception



Novak Djokovic's

NOVAK Djokovic’s Australian Open fate remains uncertain with just three months to go until the first Grand Slam tournament of 2023.
The World No. 7 received an automatic three-year ban from returning to the country when he was deported at the start of the year and is waiting to see if this can be lifted. But one tennis player who was also deported this year has already had hers removed, though it will be much tougher for Djokovic to receive the same exception.
Djokovic was deported from Australia at the start of this year after having his visa cancelled twice – successfully appealing the first time but failing the second time which saw him kicked out of the country on the eve of the Aussie Open. His visa was first revoked when he landed in Melbourne unvaccinated with a medical exemption provided by Tennis Australia on the grounds that he had recovered from Covid a month prior.
The government initially did not accept this, deporting other people they found to have received similar support from Tennis Australia, including Renata Voracova who arrived in Australia at the end of December with an exemption explaining she couldn’t take the vaccine. The Czech star had even played a doubles match before she was detained and lost her documents, being asked to leave the country and obliging.
And the doubles World No. 121 has already had her automatic three-year ban lifted, successfully appealing it back in July. But the judge who ruled that she could return to Australia had specifically explained why Voracova was able to do so compared to Djokovic, who would have a much harder time convincing authorities to allow him return before 2025.

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