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Flood: Health Commissioner moves to save lives as woman gives birth to  twins at Atani IDP Camp




Commissioner for Health in Anambra State, Ben Afam Obidike says government has taken more proactive measures to ensure that victims of the 2022 flood disaster spread across holding centers in the state received adequate medical care especially as women delivered babies at the internally displaced persons (IDP)camps. 

Dr. Obidike, who spoke with our correspondent through who is the leader of the medical team at Idemili-Odekpe-Atani axis in Ogbaru Local Government Area, Dr. Obiora Agunobi at Hon. Chuchu Onyema’s Internally Displaced Persons Camps, Idemili Odekpe,  said government has ensured the supply of drugs and medical personnel to the IDP camps especially as the flood victims were clustered at the camps thereby making them vulnerable to diseases.

He said it is evidently clear that the flood is overwhelming and there would be epidemics because people were over-crowded at the camps and that the waters were polluted and people do not have food to eat.

The commissioner maintained that if adequate care was not taken, people at the IDP camps will contact infections and it will continue to spread and that a lot of children at the camps will contract what he mentioned as bacteria pneumonia, skin infections as well as adults whom he said were equally prone to contacting diseases.

Obidike noted that all manner of diseases thrive in such environment and that a lot of people have lost their farm produce as the entire environment have been over-flooded. He said there is no hope that in the next three months, they will sell something to get money.

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According to him, the melancholic situation has already made those who are hypertensive to escalate. He said about four persons whose blood pressure were more than 220 were discovered and that according to him, is hypertensive crisis. He said that a good number of the people in the IDPs have diabetes mellitus ; that with the aforementioned condition, they won’t be able to maintain their dietary restrictions. 

Obidike also stressed that the fact that people have been displaced from their homes is enough anxiety to them and that so many people have drowned in trying to escape the flood, adding that it is quite an overwhelming crisis for the Ogbaru people.

The commissioner said:  ” We are here to give medical care. You can see some pregnant women moving around. They will deliver in the IDP camps. The other day, there was a twin delivery somewhere at Atani. We have also rescued a child who was picked up from the flood water. The child was unconscious but we resuscitated the child.

So that is why the medical team is on ground to help our people at this critical time. We are carrying out this medical mission on the sponsorship of the state government. These drugs you see here were brought by the state government.

The governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo has visited the IDP camp at Central School, Odekpe, but the place is now submerged with flood waters. That is why we had to relocate them to Hon. Chuchu Onyema’s Internally Displaced Persons Camps because the place is a bit upland and accommodated more people.

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So these drugs were brought by the government of Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo to address the medical and health needs of the IDPs. We have antibiotics, antimalaria, infusions for children who are vomiting; we have drugs for antibacterial infections, antifungal and a host of other medications. “

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