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Son hacks mother to death in Ebonyi for reporting him to village youth



A 32-year-old man, one Arinze Chukwu, has allegedly hacked his 60-year-old mother to death with an axe in Ndieze-Okpoto community, Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

  Neighbours said the suspect killed his victim because she reported him to the village youth group after unsuccessfully trying on many occasions to make him change his bad ways.

  According to their neighbours, when the deceased saw her effort was not yielding any result, she reported him to their village youth association where he was beaten up and tied up at the village square.

  Unfortunately for her, when he was released, the suspect went home to kill his mother by severally cutting her with an axe before she fell down and died.

  Commenting on the incident, the suspect’s aged father, Anthony Chukwu said he did not know Arinze was serious about carrying out his threat until he came back and saw his wife in a pool of blood.

  “That boy (Arinze) is my eighth child from my wife whom he just killed. I was not at home at the time it happened but I know he killed my wife because she reported him to our village youth association. She did not hate him. She made a report to the association to stop his bad behaviour. At the village square, the youths punished him by tying his hands and feet and then beat him up. They later left him in the sun for hours to correct him. When he was being dragged to the village square, he threatened to kill me and my wife for reporting him. Luckily for me, I was not at home when they released him. But he met my wife and killed her with an axe and fled. I never knew he was serious about the threat until I came back and saw my wife in a pool of blood,” he said.

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  The suspect has since been arrested and charged to court.

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