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Group to track campaign promises, hold politicians accountable



Center Transparency Advocacy

A NON GOVERNMENTAL and election observer organisation, Centre for Transparency Advocacy (CTA), said it would monitor and track election campaign promises by political parties to use the same periodically at later dates, to hold political office holders in Nigeria accountable.

  The executive director of the CTA, Faith Nwadishi, made this known in a media conference organised by the organisation, in Abuja, recently on the commencement of electioneering campaign for the 2023 general elections in Nigeria.

  While appealing to the political parties to operate within the confine of law, and tailor campaigns on issues, Mrs Nwadishi expressed a deep concern on the challenges of security, energy, education, gender equality, among others, bordering Nigerians, urging the media as a watchdog of society and the citizens to engage the parties on how they (parties) will tackle the challenges.

  She said, “it’s important to remind our politicians and every stakeholder that the world is watching us as we prepare for this important political activity.

  “As a watchdog, we hope the media will continue to play its critical role of educating citizens to strengthen our democracy.

  “It’s imperative that political parties make their campaigns issue-based and convince Nigerians to vote for their candidates based on sound proposals of alternative solutions to the issues that are utmost concern to Nigerians”, she said.

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