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Mother uses child, 4, for gambling in  Enugu



Enugu State map

A woman has allegedly used her four-year-old son for gambling in Enugu.

According to reports, the woman abandoned the kid in the betting shop and disappeared after she lost.

  The incident occurred at Moore House Street, Ogui Enugu, on Thursday evening.

  Residents of the area said the woman left her son in the lotto shop after she incurred a huge loss she couldn’t offset.

  The little boy was later taken to Ogui Police Station when the wait for his mother was becoming endless.

  A police officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the little child was brought to the station by some persons that claimed his mother used him as collateral to play lotto.

 He stated that the child had been crying and calling for his mother since he was brought to the station but they were having slight difficulty getting any information from him.

  This, he said, was because the child could barely talk, adding that full investigation into the incident had already commenced.

  “The boy from his looks is less than four years and was brought to our station by some people who claimed his mother used him to play lotto in Moore House Street, Ogui Enugu.

  “We have been unable to gather any helpful information from the little child because he doesn’t talk very well but we hope to commence full investigation following the lead provided by the good samaritans that brought the boy to the station,” the officer said.

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