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NOA begins mobilisation of women for 2023 polls



Garba Abari

THE National Orientation Agency (NOA) has joined other crusaders of social change in the call for the inclusivenessof women in politics especially on the marginalisation of the female gender in Nigeria. It recently went on to unveil a campaign for women’s participation in politics to seek the removal of marginalisation syndrome on the feminine gender.

  It would be recalled that NOA unveils the women’s pre-election mobilisation in partnership with a non-governmental organisation under the aegis of the National Action for Women Agenda (NAWA) to promote good governance and peaceful co-existence among all Nigerians.

  Director-General of the Nigerian OreintationAgency (NOA), Dr Garba Abari, averred that the role of women in peacebuilding, governance, and socio-political development is coming under increasing interrogation with a view to ensuring an increasing trajectory in women’s development.

  He made this assertion at the unveiling in Abuja as he stated that the NAWA is the key player in empowerment and human rights advocacy against gender-based violence in Nigeria.

  His words: “Women have played key roles historically in human development across Africa and indeed the world. Their participation and inclusion must therefore not only be sustained but also increased.

  “When women participate in peace-building processes, the resulting agreement is more durable and better implemented. Studies have shown that women who participate in peace processes usually focus more on reconciliation, education, transitional justice and economic empowerment.

“They also often speak up for excluded groups such as children, youth and people living with disabilities. Women have also been known to bring to notice, those underlying causes of conflict that may have been ignored. Gender inclusion and women empowerment are often associated with more peaceful outcomes and stable societies”.

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  According to  the National President of NAWA, Dr Hauwa Hayatu Bagu, there is a need for women to play active roles in promoting peace and national unity for socio-political and economic development.

  She further enthused that: “Women are mostly the victims of conflict, and could therefore become effective agents of peacebuilding if they are meritoriously engaged. Many times, women have used their talents to avert conflicts and have been responsible for resolving conflicts.

  “Therefore, peacebuilding need the involvement of women. In the event of any violent conflicts and wars, women are forced to assume new roles as heads of families, providers and freedom fighters.

  “It’s also on the record that communities that use the talents, experience, and wisdom of both men and women are more likely to address the needs of their members. However, in communities where women are excluded from participating in community decisions and leadership, the reverse used to be the case”.

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