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UEFA Super Cup change to affect Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham



ARSENAL, Chelsea and Tottenham could play against American teams next season in a revamped Super Cup. The Super Cup currently sees the Champions League winners take on the Europa League winners of the previous season, but discussions are on ongoing on making the competition a four-team event.

  PA Media understands that the Super Cup would take place in America, with the Champions League winners, the Europa League winners, the Europa Conference League winners and the reigning champions of the MLS all invited. The idea is to attract more female fans and families to football matches.

  The revamped competition could take place in a different country, but UEFA have identified USA as the number one location as it is considered the main growth area for European football.  

  Talks aren’t believed to be at a serious stage, but the idea of a revamped Super Cup is gaining traction as it will drive more revenue and appeal to a new audience.

  With the winners of the Champions League and Europa League invited, the new competition could impact Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham if it goes through. Arsenal are the favourites with the bookmakers to win the Europa League after coming close in previous seasons, while Chelsea and Spurs are both involved in the Champions League.

  The Blues and Tottenham have work to do in their group though, having taken just two points and three points respectively so far. West Ham United could also be impacted as they are participants in this year’s Europa Conference League.

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  Further discussions over the revamped Super Cup are reportedly set to take place at the European Club Association’s general assembly in Istanbul on Thursday and Friday.

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