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Commuters decry condition of Nkpor-Umuoji road



TRAVELERS passing through Nkpor -Umuoji-Nnobi road have decried the condition of the road  as some points of the road are becoming inaccessible especially on rainy days as it happened on Wednesday morning.

  The morning rains, which ordinarily did not qualify for downpour turned a different story at the Inland Door area of the road, with heavy flood submerging the whole portions of the road, causing traffic gridlock that lasted several hours.

  According to an  eyewitness , Udechukwu Christian, who spoke to National Light, the resulting flood made it difficult for motorists to identify the safe portions of the badly washed-away road, thereby causing their vehicles and tricycles to breakdown in the middle of the flooded road.

  “Even on a good day, this area of the road is difficult for motorists to access now. The situation gets compounded once there is rainfall. The authorities concerned should do palliative work to allow people access it with minimum stress, pending when reconstruction work will be carried out on the entire road. We cannot continue like this,” he stated.

  He said that if nothing is done urgently, the section of the road may cave-in and cut off some communities within the axis.

  “This is a very busy road which connects commuters from Nkpor to Umuoji down to Nnobi from where many other Anambra communities could be connected. You can see why this road is very important to people coming into Onitsha from Anambra South,” he noted.

  A motor transport operator, Joseph Ezeduba said, the road has become a nightmare to all users.

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  “It is not all about our motors which are being forced to go to the mechanic workshop frequently, all citizens that have anything to do through this road are equally affected. Some people go to work through this road and they get stuck here. Even when one is lucky to escape it in the morning, it causes apprehension to think of what awaits one on the return journey.”

  He advised that citizens should be helped now with emergency patch-work, as waiting for dry season when expected massive roadwork will begin on Anambra roads will subject the people to harrowing experience before the lifeline comes.

  He commended the state governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo for his concerns for the people, leading to his promise for massive road work after the rains.

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