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Drunk doctor causes four newborns’ death in Delta



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FOUR newborn babies have died following a reported carelessness of a medical doctor in Central Hospital, Sapele, in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State who was drunk while on duty.

  A relation of one of the bereaved mothers, Benjamin Ikeji, said none of the women due for delivery knew that the doctor who was supposed to attend to them was ‘dead’ drunk.

  According to Ikeji, it was how he went about his duty in his state of drunkenness that led to all the expectant mothers losing their babies in a single night.

  “When we brought my sister to this hospital, the doctor told us that it was not yet time for her delivery and I and my sister’s husband waited till 10pm. At midnight, my sister said the baby was stuck and the nurses couldn’t do anything because the doctor was not around. In the morning, I met the doctor who said there was nothing he could do since they had no light. I bought fuel for them that night before I left and the next thing I heard was that my sister lost the baby,” he said.

  While mourning the death of his newborn, another victim, Newton Oroba said the drunken doctor must not go scot-free.

  “The doctor on duty was drunk. We came to the hospital around 9pm and left. Only to come back in the morning, my wife said she lost her newborn. He must bring back my baby to life or he will get ready to face any consequence arising from his negligence,” he said.

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  Angry over the development, patients, relatives and visitors staged a protest in the hospital, insisting that management must take responsibility of the four deaths or get ready for court action.

  Efforts to reach the hospital management for a reaction failed as workers in the hospital declined to speak while Delta State Ministry of Health has not made any statement on the development.

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