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Doing exploits demands an encounter – Ezeokolo



AN ENCOUNTER with God is one of the rules for doing exploits in His kingdom and demands total submission to his will. Without encountering the Spirit of God, a person cannot be said to be a certified Christian”.  

The Assistant Priest, Church of the Holy Spirit Anglican Communion, St Paul’s University, Awka, Rev’d Chris Ezeokolo stated this in his homily titled, “Doing Exploits for God.

  Rev’d Ezeokolo said miracles are not the mandate for making exploits as is so common but that the primary mandate is getting converts which is now lacking in the body of Christ. He decried that those who called themselves Christians now move from one church to another, which does not help them grow in the knowledge of God and His word.  

  “Encountering Christ is non-rhetoric as it requires processes and footsteps, which are to be born-again, continuity, love, total submission to His will, having God’s spirit and obedience to His instructions and commandments.   Remember Moses whom God asked to speak to the rock, rather, he struck, and that is an act of disobedience. Constraints to encountering God involve hatred, gossip, and other unhealthy factors and they have  not and will never lead any Christian to spiritually.”

  Speaking further, Rev’d Ezeokolo stated that the two steps for doing exploits for Christ has to do with performing miracles, which he termed as secondary, compared to the primary obligation which is winning souls for Christ.

  Expressing his worries why Christians have encountered Christ so many times yet have nothing to show for it, he said it is because of the aforementioned constraints in process and steps which are applicable not only in Christianity.

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 He  urged Christians to always have the spirit of God dwelling in them at all times because the spirit can be in a Christian at a particular time and leave  when they don’t make conscious effort to dwell in them, thereby not doing enough exploits for God.

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