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Catholic Bishop of Abakaliki condemns kidnapping, killings of priests



Bishop Chukwu (middle), with members of the association

CATHOLIC Bishop  of Abakaliki, Peter Chukwu has expressed sadness over the kidnapping and killings of priest in the country, while saying that churches have lost faith in the current government to restore security.

  Bishop Chukwu made this known while briefing the journalists in Abakaliki, after inauguration of Catholic Media Practitioners Association (CAMPAN),

  He explained that people who are rational are very uncomfortable with what is going on in country today, because appeals have not helped in this government.

  “I am very worried that priests have become targets of kidnappers and killers. Sometime, they kidnap and end up killing our priests.

“We have lost so many priests in the North, in the Middle Belt and even in the South East and it is very worrisome but I am not surprised because priests and prophets have always been victims of persecution in the church history”

  The bishop therefore called on the Nigerian Government to conduct peaceful free and fair elections that will usher in God chosen leaders who will solve problems of this country

    He said: “If the problem of this country is not solved, the continued existence of Nigeria as a corporate entity is under a very serious question mark”.

   “What the priests represent, what we stand for and what we preach is sinking and instead of repenting, the hoodlums has decided to fight back and they are fighting back by killing, by kidnapping, by torturing and by destroying our churches.

   “But I am consoled by the statement of Christ in Mathew Chapter 16 that the gate of the underworld shall never prevail against the church, the church comes out stronger even when you push it to the wall” Bishop Chukwu said.

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